Electric Holographic Diffuser

A wonderful scent that stays for days. At home, in the office, or any
open space - an aromatic aroma diffuser that automatically disperses
a cold mist in your favourite Laline scent. Elegantly designed, it adds
to your lifestyle refreshing breeze along with soft mood lighting in
the color you choose.
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Add water and a few drops of your favourite scent to the aroma diffuser, select the frequency and intensity of disposal, turn on (with a long press) and enjoy days of a scent that stays. Best recommended to use Laline oils. Please refer to the instructions provided inside the box.


Do not tilt or shake the main body, it may cause faults. Keep air outlet out of water, otherwise it may cause faults. Do not use it close to precise instrument or near the item that may be damped easily. Please read the operation manual carefully.